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Wood fired electricity generation has been blamed for emitting Carbon monoxide (CO), Formaldehyde, Methanol, Naphthalene and the carcinogene Toluene. Metals such as Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium, Silver, Arsenic and Mercury.

A SEFE wood fired power station and YOU
We have scrapped plans for a woodfired power station for the time being, but are still hopefull of generous government subsidies to make this visionary project worthwhile. While SEFE was rapped over the knuckles by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Green Power accreditation authority for claiming that we intended to produce “Green Power” from our power station, in the longer term, these were minor set backs.

  • A small amount of dioxin never hurt anyone and we are disgusted by the scare mongering of some of our opponents who claim it will be harmful.
  • Similarly, who needs a penis anyway? Just because heavy metal exposure has been proven to cause penis deformities, we see no reason for greenies to stand in the way of progress on this account.
  • Only small amounts of rotten egg gas will be emitted and Eden residents will probably only smell it when the wind is blowing.
  • Silver lining. Happily, some emitted metals are not just heavy, they are valuable. Silver, for example, is worth about $30 an ounce.
Best news of all, SEFE guarantees not to prosecute members of the public who choose to keep any silver or other valuable metals that land on them. These are a free gift from SEFE to Eden residents. Some may even view this as compensation for those small minded troublemakers who object to having a penis deformity.
The good news is that the power station and the pellet plant are both on hold for now.

"Penis deformities are no reason for greenies to stand in the way of progress."


   South East Fibre Exports is a subsidiary of Nippon Paper Industries.

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