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South East Fib Experts Pty Ltd

Australia's leading exporter of native forest hardwood chips. The cheapest but you get what you pay for.

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Yellow bellied glider. A pest which occupies and maintains tree hollows and chews holes in tree bark to get sap, from which it feeds.Yellow bellied glider. A pest which occupies and maintains tree hollows and chews holes in tree bark to get sap, from which it feeds.     A value-added yellow bellied glider, dead.     A much tidier landscape and a reduced bushfire hazard      Once a worthless piece of bush, this area
is now a useful road on which trucks can
come and go to the logging site.

Environmentally Friendly Energy                                                                                                             
This company has been the victim of a decades long smear campaign by scurrilous people claiming that the woodchipping is bad for the environment. This is ridiculous, but we do acknowledge that more efficient use could be made of the forest resource.
SEFE is currently looking at ways to use the millions of tonnes of stumps, leaves, bark, branches and so on each year being left on the ground to rot or burn. Fortunately, a new process called pyrolysis can take care of all of this and use the logs as well.  In an energy hungry world, the beauty of pyrolysis is that it can make economic use of the whole tree: from the leaves on the top, branches, trunks, buts, even the birds and possums donít need to be removed. They too can be converted into useful gasses, liquid fuels and carbon rich char.
In extreme circumstances, even a greenie up a tree on a platform can be converted into something useful so that some other decent citizen can put a few litres of fuel into their car.
Our parent company, Nippon Paper Group believes recycling is so important that it has been prepared to lie to the Japanese public about the recycled content of its products for the past 13 years. Some people would think that should embarrass the company, but we believe it is a compelling demonstration of just important recycling is to us.

The environment is our number one concern at South East Forest Exports and you can be assured that when you buy our woodchips, these are all legally produced. All animals and birds killed when we chip a forest are killed legally, under license from the government. Most native animals die well before the logs reach the chipmill and it is very rare for us to chip a live animal. We are striving to eliminate this entirely.

Waterways silted up after clear felling are much safer and a great improvement on the old dangerous deeper rivers that once flowed through our region before woodchipping began. We can proudly boast that nobody has drowned in any local river since woodchipping began. Some waterways have disappeared altogether. They are now entirely filled with sand,  making them much safer than dangerous, deep water filled rivers.
Soil erosion

Similarly, clear felling of forests allows topsoils to become more evenly distributed, and we look forward to the day when hills are eliminated completely and nobody will ever have to walk up hill again.