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South East Fibre Exports Pty Ltd


Australia's leading exporter of native forest hardwood chips. The cheapest and you get what you pay for

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Quality woodchips come at a price, and when you pay prices like we charge, you canít be too fussy.
Native forest chips, especially when they come from trees hundreds of years old, are also likely to be darker than the plantation equivalent. If you getting the chips this cheap, you can afford to spend a little more on bleach and other chemicals to process them.
We are striving to convert mature forest to regrowth by decades of clear felling, but while there is a single old forest left, we canít guarantee that some darker, short fibre will enter our supply chain. The only true solution is the total eradication of mature native forest, and we are committed to achieving this.
We are also committed to ensuring that no more contamination occurs. We know what a nuisance this can be, so we strive hard to minimise it.