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South East Forest Exports Pty Ltd

Australia's leading exporter of native forest hardwood chips. The cheapest , but you get what you pay for.

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SEFE ex-security manager in action dealing with a green protester
Security at South East Forest Exports is one of our proudest achievements. Green protesters hardly ever manage to enter our compound. Customers can be confident that they have probably not contaminated our woodchips, not that we know of anyway.
Barbed wire and a high voltage security fence, similar to those installed at major Australian military establishments and prisons ensure only the most determined greenies can make it inside.
We onced employed ten security guards and have banned all tourist visits. Our security staff are fit and alert and specially trained to strike fear into even the most drug addled hippy. Some of these protesters are very resourceful and determined, and some have been very fast runners, but we usually catch them.
Our Manager, Peter Mitchell is well known for his ‘hands on’ approach to green protesters and has even used his own chainsaw to cut down one of their tripods.

Security staff remove protesters from SEFE office

Vigilant staff maintain the highest standards of security

Guards on the gate

A protester locked on to the mill gate

Greenie up a tripod. Peter  Mitchell, where are you?

Ex-security Manager, Col, "the angry ant" Clarke